Golf Membership Terms & Conditions

Your Membership

Woodlands Glencoe agrees to provide all contracted benefits to members, dependent on adherence to the following policies and rules.

Golf Membership is an annual Membership valid April 1 for the year paid through March 31 of the following year.

Members do not receive an equity stake in the facility or any other privileges not identified in this Member/Guest Contract.

Golf Memberships are non-transferable.  A valid Membership is conditioned upon completion and acceptance of this Membership contract and receipt of all applicable fees.

Golf Course Rules

1. Members must identify themselves and sign in at reception (when it is open) prior to commencement of play.
2. Members are not guaranteed access to the clubhouse, toilets, practice area, or golf course.
3. Tee times are not guaranteed.
4. Members may make provisional advanced reservations at anytime and must identify themselves at the time of provisional reservation. Such advanced reservation times will be respected, but cannot be guaranteed.
5. Membership bag tags must be prominently displayed on golf bags at all times while on the course and must be presented to employees and staff upon request.
6. A receipt for golf, cart, range or other purchase or service is required and must be available upon request.
7. No outside food or beverage is allowed in the Club House.
8. A Membership is not valid for any outing, event or tournament unless otherwise specified.
9. Management reserves the right to schedule golf events, special events, and tournaments. During events or tournaments, members may not be able to use all or part of the golf course and/or the club’s facilities; management will always seek to minimise such inconvenience, and will give as much prior notice as possible.
10. The course may be closed at any time due to weather, maintenance or other scheduled events. The opening and closing dates for golf course use is at the sole discretion of management.
11. Management reserves the right to sell, advertise, and market the club in any manner.
12. All dogs must be on a lead at all times please.


The following are not allowed at any time:
1. Use of abusive or offensive language in the presence of or to other members, patrons, guests, or staff.
2. Lewd or illegal activity.
3. Play with more than four players in a group without the express consent of management.
4. Use of discounted guest passes without the member present and playing in the group.
5. The Member and/or guest of the Member will be held responsible for any and all damages incurred by the member or guest to the Golf Course or Club House property.
6. Each member agrees to abide by all policies and rules established by Management relating to the conduct of Members and other customers of the club.

Policies may include, without limitation, rules regarding proper conduct, dress code, and golf etiquette.
1. Metal and soft spikes are prohibited from the Club House at all times with the exception of the locker rooms and reception areas.
2. Management reserves the right to require the use of soft spikes on the course at any time.
3. Members or guests are not allowed use of the Golf Course or Club House for any other purpose without proper authorization.
4. Members are not permitted to remove club property such as lost out of bounds balls played by others without the clear and express consent of management.

Member Reservation Of Tee Times

1. Members are encouraged to reserve tee times in advance to obtain preferred access.
2. Reservations will be respected wherever possible, but cannot be guaranteed.
3. Members are encouraged to cancel reserved tee times 24hrs in advance. Management reserves the right to charge members a “no show” fee for failure to cancel reserved tee times 24hrs in advance. The fee will be charged on a discretionary basis depending on the ability of management to re assign the tee time. The fee will be equivalent to the losses incurred e.g. one 9-hole ticket per player.

Termination Or Suspension Of Memberships

Any Golf Membership may be revoked, suspended, or removed without refund for any of the following:

1. Physical or verbal abuse of other members, guests, patrons, or staff.
2. Willful destruction of club, staff or customer property.
3. Commission of any criminal activity, misdemeanor theft or other activity on the grounds.
4. Violation of any of the club policies or rules.
5. Any conduct that detracts from management’s right to manage the club and preserve its integrity.
6. Any Member who violates the policies and rules contained in this document shall be subject to suspension and/or immediate revocation of their membership without refund of fees.
7. Members found to be in violation of the rules and regulations may be denied any and all club privileges. This denial of privileges may apply to one or more family members at management’s sole and absolute discretion.


The policies set forth in this contract replace all prior rules and regulations and all other membership agreements implemented in the past. Prior agreements are no longer valid and are not binding to management.

1. Management reserves the right to refuse the sale of membership to any person or party.
2. Management will not be held responsible for loss or damage of any article of personal property on or in any area pertaining to Ballachulish House Golf Course