Upgrade your stay at Woodlands Glencoe

Take luxury to the next level

Partner, let me upgrade you.

We have some unusual last minute availability in our SeaBeds Luxury Lookouts lodges with hot tubs and thought you might like to know! 

Why would I upgrade?

SeaBeds Luxury Lookouts with hot tubs are the natural evolution in luxury accommodation at Woodlands.

As our larger lodges, they feature several delicious features:

I'm in. How do I upgrade?

Now this is the fun part! To make this as fair as possible, we do this as a blind bid. The rules are simple: the person with the highest bid gets the upgrade. So cross your fingers and toes if you’re feeling lucky! The suggested minimum bid is £50.

We’ll contact you by 10am on the day of arrival to let you know if your bid was successful.

There's still time to upgrade your stay with luxury extras: