Nature, the environment and our legacy

A little on our long term commitment to the future 🌿

We love the Highlands and are so proud of the environment that we have inherited.  We want to pass it on in a better state than we started with.

We also want to do more than our share of “weight lifting” as we all focus on combating the climate challenge.

Our MISSION is to become a net zero tourism business by December 2025 and to encourage all our team members, the local community and our guests to an every inceased awareness of – and appreciation for – the enviroment.  

Over the last 2 years we’ve made some big strides.  Guests see this in the electric vehicles bobbing about the place.  They will feel it in the lovely warm waters of the hot tub: powered by air source heaters, rather than convential electric elements.

Over the next 2 years, we need to step up to the real challenge. This will involve getting a handle on the carbon footprint of the business and pulling together the steps to achieve net zero.

Help us to tread lightly and enjoy your break in the Highlands by exloring all our amazing local treks and paths on foot.  Take a couple of the electric bikes and thrill to the experience they offer!

Our ACTIONS are built around the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge:

Community engagement

We hire local and pay the real living wage, or above. We source local wherever possible and  promoting local communities and cultures.  There’s a £2k annual budget for local community causes.


Energy conservation

Notice the LED-lighting everywhere, many are motion-activated lights and we have  programmable thermostats, efficient climate control systems.  We’re moving to air source heating across the operations and have done well in switching to all-electric vehicles on the estate.


Water conservation

Includes: automatic flush toilets, low-flow uriinals, toilets and showerheads, high-pressure dishwashers, capturing and using rainwater, reusing greywater, etc.


Reduce waste

Our daily actions includes: recycling, composting, reducing use of single-use disposable items, reducing food waste with smaller portions, etc.  Asking our guests what breakfast items them want, rather than over-providing.


Reduce single-use plastics

Includes: using eco-friendly alternatives instead of plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, toiletries, etc.