Nature, the environment and our legacy

A little on our long term commitment to the future 🌿

Our mission

We LOVE the Highlands and we’re so proud of the environment that we have inherited. That’s why we consider it our duty to protect it for future generations.  That’s why we’re making it our MISSION to become a net zero tourism business.  We  encourage our team, the local community, and our guests to an ever-increased awareness of – and appreciation for – the environment.  

Achieving our mission

Over the last two years, we’ve made some big strides.  You’ll see this in the team electric buggies whizzing about the Estate and you’ll feel it in the lovely warm water of the hot tubs: powered by air source heaters, rather than conventional electric elements. 

We’ve recently begun an extensive tree-planting scheme throughout the Estate and in order to double down on our ‘cleaner air’ agenda we’ve installed electric car charge points in a number of convenient locations.  We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’re on track to achieve net zero by December 2030. 

Help us to tread lightly and enjoy your break on the Woodlands Estate by exploring all of our amazing local treks and paths on foot.  Or why not hire a couple of electric bikes and take them for a spin along the Caledonia Way Cycle Track?

Man planting trees, scenic mountain views in background
Three generations celebrate Father's day in Glencoe.
Lodge hiding amongst the trees at RiverBeds luxury wee lodge with hot tub in Glencoe, Scotland
A couple with their dog at Glencoe Lochan

Our actions are built around the ‘UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge’

Community engagement

We hire local and pay the real living wage, or above. We source locally wherever possible and are proud to support so many local businesses in doing so.  We have an annual budget of £3k which we use to support various local, and community causes.

Energy conservation

Notice the LED lighting everywhere? Many are motion-activated lights and we have programmable thermostats and efficient climate control systems.  We’ve moved to air source heating across the operation and have made the switch to all-electric vehicles on the estate.

Water conservation

Includes: automatic flush toilets, low-flow urinals, toilets and showerheads, high-pressure dishwashers, capturing and using rainwater, reusing greywater, etc.

Reduce waste

Our daily actions include: recycling, composting, reducing the use of single-use disposable items, reducing food waste with smaller portions, etc.  Asking our guests what breakfast items they want, rather than over-providing.

Reduce single-use plastics

Includes: using eco-friendly alternatives instead of plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, toiletries, etc.