A whistle-stop history of Woodlands Glencoe

The family behind the most romantic luxury lodges in Scotland

The history of Woodlands Glencoe

We thought it was high time we gave you a little introduction to the Woodlands Glencoe family, our history in the area and our vision for the Woodlands Estate.

At Woodlands, we constantly strive not to offer average run-of-the-mill accommodation.  RiverBeds Luxury Wee Lodges and SeaBeds Luxury Lookouts aren’t just places to sleep; they’re a visual feast of slick architecture and stylish interiors set within an eye-wateringly beautiful location.  This carnival of luxury and hospitality is orchestrated by three generations of the Woodlands Glencoe family – the Youngs!  We all live on the Woodlands Estate (along with countless toddlers, dogs and hens!) and we’re never far from the action.

We like to think that we’ve turned the business of hosting and hospitality into a 24/7 family fiesta, which hopefully isn’t going to end anytime soon if little Caleb (3), Orla (1) and Nathan (8 months) fancy joining the team in the future!  

Once upon a time in the 1980s

Back in the early 1980s, Norman & Jessie Young (granny & grandad) decided to follow their dream of creating a magical Highland getaway in the Glencoe Valley.  So, in 1984, the Lodge on the Loch was born, and so began an odyssey of hotel ownership in the Glencoe area.

Never one to miss out on an exciting business venture, Norman & Jessie’s eldest son (and hospitality graduate), Laurence, joined his parents at the Lodge on the Loch.  It was there he met and fell in love with the beautiful and talented receptionist, Morag.  They married shortly after, then together with Norman & Jessie, they took on not one, not two, but THREE further hotels in Glencoe where they lived and breathed the hotelier dream for three decades.

In 2010, Laurence & Morag decided to sell up, retire and enjoy a quiet life, but anyone who knows Laurence & Morag will know that this would never happen!

The dog loving Young family hold one of a plethora of awards for their work at RiverBeds and SeaBeds Luxury Lodges at Woodlands Glencoe.
Laurence & Morag Young. The owners and operators of Woodlands Glencoe.

A new millennium and a new concept 

In 2015, Laurence & Morag were ready for their next challenge.  They decided they wanted to deconstruct the traditional concept of “hotel accommodation” and reinterpret it with the objective of offering guests the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the romance of the Highland landscape.  A place where guests could enjoy full seclusion right in the heart of nature, with all the delightful details of a luxury hotel.  The RiverBeds & SeaBeds Luxury Lodge concept was born! 

Luckily for the “retirees”, they had five children and three of them wanted to help in the revolution!  Growing up in a hotel environment, Callum, James and Katie have lived and breathed hospitality from a very young age.  They now champion different areas of the business – with James and Katie even managing to convince their partners to join in on the fun.  It really is a family affair.  

We’ve now entered our ninth year at Woodlands Glencoe and the business is still operated by the family.  The Woodlands experience continues to grow and develop thanks to the continued feedback and suggestions of guests who have fallen in love with the place and are as passionate about the re-invention as we are.

Three generations celebrate Father's day in Glencoe.
Family working together in office, Glencoe Scotland
Women laughing together at work

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