Golf Course Rules & Etiquette

Making the most of your time on the course 🏌️

A quick reminder before play

  1. Payment – please pay in full before you play and have your ticket or membership tag ready for inspection at all times while on the course.
  2. Please avoid damage by replacing divots, repairing pitch marks and raking bunkers as you play.
  3. Be particularly careful on the greens – always leave your trolley / buggy at the side and only ever use a putter club on this delicate grass.
  4. Golf carts should be driven responsibly. Avoid steep hills, wet areas and please never ever take on the greens or tees.
  5. Prevent slow play by letting faster players pass you from behind and by playing in groups of no more than four people.
  6. Help us keep the course tidy by disposing of any litter / broken tees in the bins provided.
  7. Dogs – are very welcome, but should be on a lead at all times please.
  8. During Winter months you will be asked to play off our Winter Tees.  Please don’t play off main tees when Winter Tees are out.


Local rules:

  1. Hungry Lime Tree @ 1st Fairway –  if a ball is lost in the tree, put a ball down in line behind the tree as far back as desired. 1 stroke penalty.
  2. Out of Bounds –  the boundaries of the course are:
    1. Perimeter walls and fences.
    2. Any line indicated by white stakes.
    3. The Clubhouse and the paths around it.
    4. Players please do not enter private property.
  3. Immovable Obstructions –
    1. Young staked trees.
    2. All items positioned by the Greenkeeper and staff (eg signs).
    3. All artificially surfaced roads & paths, gravel ditches.
  4. Relief For These Areas Under Rule 24 –
    1. Water Hazards are indicated by yellow posts.
    2. Lateral Hazards are indicated by red posts.
    3. Ground Under Repair is enclosed by a white line.
    4. Tracks or damage caused by green-keeping equipment.
    5. Stones in Bunkers may be moved without penalty.
    6. Electricity Pylons & Wires – if hit, player has the option to play another ball.

Thank you and have a great round!  If you have any questions or require assistance, we’re available 24/7 on 01855 413 200.

All players are reminded that they engage in the game of golf entirely at their own risk and that Woodlands Glencoe will not accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss from whatever cause on the course or in and around the Clubhouse and Car Parks.