Ready For Your E-Bike Adventure?

Before you set off, it's important that all riders in your group fully understand and agree to a few key points. As the primary hirer you are responsible for this and will sign on their behalf. Thank you and have a great ride! 😊

E-Bike Hire Agreement

Step 1 - Read rental agreement

  1. Late Fees - We understand that all equipment should be returned by no later than 4.30pm on the final day of hire and that a late return fee of £50 per bike per hour will be payable if late.
  2. Theft/ Damage - We understand that each bike is valued at £3,000 and should never be left unattended. The group is fully liable to pay for any damage or theft arising while the bikes are in their possession.
  3. Cycling Carries Risk - We recognise that cycling can be dangerous and acknowledge the risks involved. We waive any claim that may result from our participation in the experience.
  4. We Will Check Bikes Before Use - We will thoroughly inspect the bicycle(s) prior to departure to confirm that they are in a satisfactory & safe condition, fully fit for purpose. We understand that components such as brakes, tyres and control cables will deteriorate whilst riding and accept this inherent danger.
  5. We will wear a helmet - We accept that cycle helmets have been offered and should I decide not to use them then I accept full responsibility. I have inspected the helmets & equipment prior to signing this agreement for any defects or damage.
  6. We Are Competent E-Bike Riders - We will not undertake any manoeuvre which is beyond our level of skill or unsuitable for the bikes capability.
  7. We Are In Good Health - We declare that we are in good health and that our eyesight is up to the standard required for a road driving test. We are not suffering from any medical conditions or disability which is likely to adversely affect our normal control of the bicycle.
  8. We Take Full Responsibility / Liability - We agree with the terms and conditions applied by Woodlands Glencoe to its E-Bike hire activities. We totally absolve Woodlands Glencoe from any liability arising howsoever whilst we are responsible for their bicycle. We indemnify them for any loss or damage caused to myself or any third party. We understand that riding a bicycle is dangerous and we freely accept the liability and all costs arising from injury to ourselves and third parties.

Step 2 - Please list all riders in your group

Step 3 - please sign for group