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The Woodlands guide to elopements in Glencoe

Elopements in Glencoe are crazy romantic!

Elopements in Glencoe are becoming more and more popular, and we think we know why?!  Not only is Glencoe one of the most gloriously romantic elopement locations on earth, Scotland is one of the only countries in the world where couples – whatever their faith or sexuality – can marry wherever their hearts desire?
So, if you want to elope standing next to a tumbling river, or slap bang in the middle of a glorious glen, or nestled deep in an ancient forest, you can!  Glencoe couldn’t be more of a magical elopement location if it tried.
All you need is each other, a celebrant and two witnesses over the age of 16 (your photographer can act as one).  That’s truly it.
A happy couple elope to the mountain and rivers of Glencoe from SeaBeds Luxury Lookout Lodges with Hot Tubs. Elopement packages available.

Surely not! Are elopements in Glencoe really that simple?

It’s true, eloping to Glencoe really is as simple as 1, 2, 3!  Each year, come rain or shine, hundreds of couples say ‘I DO’ to a Glencoe elopement, and we love it when they choose to prepare for and celebrate their newlywed status here at Woodlands.

A bride and groom leave their SeaBeds Luxury Lookout Lodge with Hot Tub at Woodlands Glencoe for their elopement in the glen.

If you’re looking to elope to Glencoe, Glen Etive or one of a gazillion romantic locations nearby, we’ve put together a handy guide for you to take a look at, but here’s your first steps: 

Step 1:  For a serious dose of elopement romance, you’ve got to get the accommodation right!  Book a minimum of two nights in either RiverBeds Luxury Wee Lodges or a SeaBeds Luxury Lookout Lodges.

Step 2:  Check out our recommended list of local celebrants from the list below.  Which one do you connect with most?  Once you’ve decided, reach out and see if your dream celebrant has availability to coincide with your perfect wedding date.

Step 3:  As we said above, all you really require to elope to Glencoe is each other, two witnesses (we can help with this) and a celebrant; however, if you’re marrying in such a beautiful location, we highly recommend booking an elopement photographer from the list below to capture your special day.

Eloping to Glencoe is really that simple AND super affordable.

💍 Steps 1, 2 & 3 from just £1,850 ✨

RiverBeds & SeaBeds Luxury Lodges

The perfect love nests to celebrate your newlywed status! Remember to use the promo code LOVE for a big burst of romance.

Celebrants & photographers

Check out our top picks for local celebrants and elopement photographers to suit your needs.

The legal stuff and other local suppliers

We've put together a guide to the legal stuff, plus a list of tried and trusted suppliers to sprinkle even more magic on your elopement.

Let's talk elopements!

Frequently asked questions

We receive oodles of enquiries from couples looking to stay at our luxury lodges as part of their elopement, so we thought we would create a page on our website dedicated to intimate weddings for two.  While we are definitely not wedding planners, if you reach out and let us know what date or time of year you’re hoping to elope, we can let you know availability and rates for accommodation as well as a trusted celebrant and photographer.  

The beauty of a SeaBeds elopement is that it offers a super simple solution to getting married in the Highlands.  No fuss, but lots of luxury!  Therefore, the majority of our couples simply book their lodge, celebrant and photographer and voila!  If, however, you’re looking for support during the planning process or require multiple suppliers, we highly recommend getting in touch with Wee Wild Weddings.

There are SO many incredible places to say ‘I do’ both within the Woodlands Estate and in nearby Glencoe and Glen Etive, that it can be truly overwhelming deciding where to get married.  To add to the dilemma, Scotland is one of only a handful of countries in the world where you’re allowed to get married wherever and whenever you like! 

We suggest having a chat with your celebrant and photographer, who will be able to help guide you to find the perfect ceremony spot! 

As you’re probably aware, the good old-fashioned Scottish weather is predictably unpredictable! Every month and season has its own unique character, so deciding on a date depends entirely on your personal preferences.  And while there are no weather guarantees in Scotland, if we had to pick our favourite time of year to marry in Glencoe, the answer would be autumn!

From mid-September until late November, the entire area looks incredible bathed in deep tones of russets, reds and golds and for those looking for an outdoor ceremony, there can still be a little warmth in the sunshine (heck, sometimes there can even be a heatwave!).  The nights draw in, the evenings get cooler, the firepit crackles, the stars are visible from the bubbling depths of the hot tub, leaves crunch underfoot, the heather changes from deep purple to golden brown.  You get the picture, autumn is a ridiculously romantic season in Scotland.

If you’re dreaming of the dictionary definition elopement experience (just the two of you running off into the wilds), then you’ll be pleased to know that all that is required to become legally married is a happy couple, their celebrant, two witnesses (we can help with this if you’re coming alone) and a Marriage Schedule. That’s it!

To be issued with a Marriage Schedule, the couple must each fill in a Marriage Notice form (M10 form). This form can be submitted (along with a £70 processing fee) no earlier than twelve weeks and no later than 29 days before the wedding day.