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Say "I do" to Woodlands

Considering eloping to Glencoe?

Did you know that Scotland is one of the only countries in the world where couples – whatever their faith or sexuality – can marry wherever their hearts desire?
So, if you want to put a ring on it standing next to a tumbling river, or slap bang in the middle of a glorious glen, or nestled deep in an ancient forest, you can! Furthermore, Scotland (and particularly ridiculously romantic Glencoe), couldn’t be more of a magical location if it tried.  All you need is each other, a celebrant and two witnesses over the age of 16 (your photographer can act as one).  That’s truly it.

Surely not! It can’t be that simple?

It’s true!  Each year, come rain or shine, hundreds of couples say ‘I DO’ to a Glencoe elopement, and we love it when they choose to prepare for and celebrate their newlywed status here at Woodlands.

If you’re planning a Glencoe / Glen Etive elopement, we can help make your fairy-tale wedding-moon truly sparkle.

Couple in wedding dress cuddle in Glencoe

We might not be wedding planners, but we can make your big day SHINE!


After being asked a squillion times whether we offer a Woodlands elopement package, we decided to compile a package that we think you’ll LOVE.  Please note, we are not wedding planners and we will not get involved in the organisation and logistics of your big day; however, we will point you in the direction of our favourite local trusted suppliers, whom we work with frequently. The package includes:

🏡  Two nights accommodation in either a RiverBed or SeaBed Luxury Lodge.

💍  A Celebrant to conduct a bespoke, legally binding ceremony.

📸  An Elopement Photographer to capture your special day.

🥂  A luxury three-course dinner brought to your lodge on your wedding night.

📖  Advice on the legal stuff, ceremony locations, suppliers and more.

RiverBeds from £1850

SeaBeds from £2075

RiverBeds & SeaBeds

Pick your love nest. Will it be a RiverBed Luxury Wee Lodge or a SeaBed Luxury Lookout?

Celebrants & photographers

Choose the perfect celebrant and elopement photographer to suit your needs.

Gourmet in-lodge dining!

Celebrate your newlywed status in style with one of three in-lodge dining options.

Suppliers & the legal stuff

For all other elopement related information, plus a list of tried and trusted suppliers.

Let's talk elopements!