Luxury meets sustainability at Woodlands Glencoe

We're not [scots] pining for spruce this Christmas

Sustainability at Woodlands Glencoe

It’s December and that can mean only one thing!  The Woodlands Estate is about to get FESTIVE!  We reckon our little corner of Glencoe is magical enough in its natural form, so we don’t go wild in the decoration department; however, all nineteen of our luxury lodges do get their very own fairy-lit Christmas tree, and these trees are not your average Christmas trees as we like to stick to our net-zero mission and help our beautiful environment continue to thrive.  

Luxury meets sustainability

At Woodlands Glencoe, we’re making it our mission to become net zero and as such, we encourage our team and our guests to have an ever-increased awareness of – and appreciation for – the environment and sustainability.  Therefore, the prospect of felling nineteen Christmas trees neither felt right nor aligned with our green and sustainable practices.

So, after doing lots of research, we decided that it would be sensible to buy nineteen potted Christmas trees and re-use them for several years, before planting them on the Woodlands Estate where we would get to see them grow and mature for decades to come.

Bring on the Scots Pines!

With their crooked trunks, sparse branching and irregular crowns, the glorious Scots Pine might not be at the top of the average Christmas tree wish list, but we think they’re fabulous and the perfect tree to sit on the terraces of our luxury lodges.

Scots Pine trees are the only true native pine in the UK and none other than the National Tree of Scotland! Sadly, there were originally 3.7m Scots Pine trees within the Caledonian Forest, but now only 1% remain, which is even more of a reason to plant as many as possible.  An old and gnarled Scots Pine can reach a height of 35m and an age of 700!

The team at Woodlands re-pot the trees every November and make sure they’re well looked after throughout the year.  In fact, any returning guests this December will see that our babies have grown substantially this year.

If you’d like to find out lots more about our ‘going green’ mission and what we’re doing to up the levels of sustainability at Woodlands Glencoe, you can find more right here.

Sustainable scots pine christmas trees at RiverBeds and SeaBeds Luxury Lodges at Woodlands Glencoe.
Romantic christmas for two at Woodlands Glencoe Luxury Lodges with sustainable christmas tree and roaring fire pit.

Come and see our trees

The trees will be out on the terraces of RiverBeds Luxury Wee Lodges and SeaBeds Luxury Lookouts from 1st December through to 5th January so if you’re planning a trip, you’ll get to enjoy the sight and scent of your very own twinkling Scots Pine from the bubbling depths of your hot tub. 

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