🌊 Big Turbulence on the Sea Bed⚡️

Shipwrecked in the storm

Here at Woodlands, we have five amazing SeaBed Luxury Lookouts, which run along the loch-side of the estate in the Highlands of Scotland.  Why on earth do we call these mega romantic, boutique lodges SeaBeds you may ask?  Well, they contain super comfy king size beds that look out to sea.  Sounds simple enough, but the reality is so much more than this – think uber comfortable bed, incredible interior design, cinema-style projection and then add a private veranda, infinity hot tub and spectacular views across the loch.  Wow!

The five lodges were erected either side of those tricky, long months of lockdown and since folk started travelling again, they’ve proved super-popular and have become highly sought-after by discerning couples seeking a romantic Highland getaway.  The luxury lodges welcome dogs, and many guests are just jumping for joy to find a pet friendly hotel-style holiday home.  What’s even more precious is that guests can stay for just one night and short stays are possible year-round.  SeaBed Luxury Lookouts are so unique, so refreshing and so extra-ordinarily good that guess what?  They’ve become almost impossible to book!  This dilemma led Woodlands to order two more SeaBeds, back in May of 2022.

So far, so good, eh?  No clouds on the horizon or storms at Sea(Beds) yet.  Well!  Here’s where the story really starts, and we introduce Armadilla, a family firm based south of Edinburgh who manufacture stylish wooden accommodation units.  Father and Son team, Archie and Ross, developed their classic “Armadilla” lodge 10 years ago, and from this base moved onto create the impressive SeaBed concept.  So hot in fact, that it earned them the Queens Award for Innovation in 2019!  Bravo Archie and Ross and take your bows while you can.

The mountain and loch view from SeaBeds Luxury Lookout Lodges with Hot Tubs at Woodlands Glencoe in the autumn and winter.
SeaBed under a rainbow

Roll in the dark clouds and gale force winds.  The waters became horribly turbulent for Armadilla in mid 2022 and the wretched combination of fast growth, lockdown and yucky cash flow led to the nightmare of voluntary administration in December 2022.  The factory gates rolled shut and the lights went out – with our two Woodlands “Seabed” lodges almost complete but locked inside the belly of this grounded business.

From one family business to another, we were stunned.  Not only were our dreams of expansion wrecked in the Armadilla storm, but quite a bit of cash taken down in the administration, too!  James and Laurence kept in close touch with Archie and Ross and followed the depressing weeks of Administration with as much sympathy as they could muster.  Then light on the horizon and indeed a strong dawn – a white night entrepreneur appears from the Continent and in February 2023 buys the company.  Ross and Archie are appointed as Managers and asked to clear the factory for new production to start!

That clearance included the safe delivery of those promised SeaBeds.  So, on Wednesday 22nd March, a dramatic convoy of humungous low-loaders, flashing lights and police escorts allowed the SeaBeds to flow down Glencoe and come to a peaceful rest on the Woodlands Estate. 

There may indeed be big turbulence on the water but luckily, all is well on the Sea Bed.

SeaBeds construction

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