Enter the Dragon's Circle!

Our brand-new golf membership offering

The Dragon’s Circle

We’re so excited to announce our brand-new golf membership, the Dragon’s Circle!  Named after the mountain range that towers behind the Woodlands Estate (Beinn a’ Bheithir) and the legendary local dragon (Bheithir), the Dragon’s Circle membership is available to anyone living 35+ miles from the Woodlands Estate with no local property.

The finer detail

Similar to an International, Overseas or Associate membership at other courses, this recurring annual membership will help to support nature and wildlife projects across the Woodlands Estate.

Being part of the Dragon’s Circle, you will become a recognised members of one of the most spectacular 9-hole golf courses in Scotland and make Woodlands Glencoe your home-away-from-home Scottish Club. Members will receive an authentic Certificate of Membership and can play as often as they like when visiting (club hire included).

What’s more, a native Scottish tree will be planted in your honour and will be listed on our tree map!

Golf Loch Linnhe Dragons Tooth Golf Nine Hole Course
Man planting trees, scenic mountain views in background

Dragon’s Circle members give back!

We LOVE the Woodlands Estate and we’re so proud of the environment that we have inherited. That’s why we consider it our duty to protect it for future generations.  We’re making it our MISSION to become a net zero business.  We aim to encourage our team, the local community, and our golfers and guests to an ever-increased awareness of – and appreciation for – the environment.  

By joining the Dragon’s Circle, your membership fee will go straight back into supporting the many green initiatives within the Estate.

To become a member of the Dragon’s Circle, you can sign up here.

The legend of the Bheithir

Beinn a’ Bheithir stands proudly behind the Woodlands Estate.  The mountain range was named after the Bheithir, a local dragon who lived in Corrie Liath (a great bowl-shaped hollow on the face of the mountain). Bheithir guarded the mountain, tearing all passersby to pieces if they dared come too close.  Bheithir was eventually defeated by Charles the Skipper – but unbeknown to him, she had recently birthed a baby dragon, who, years later, went on to lay a few eggs!

Unfortunately for the dragons, a local farmer discovered the eggs and set fire to them, leading to the death of the young.  Upon witnessing the sight the mother stretched herself on a flat rock near the shore and continued to lash the rock with her tail until she killed herself.  The rock is still known as the Dragon’s Rock.

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